Research Team

This project is a joint effort.  The members of the research team are:

Joel Anderson (primary investigator), a philosopher at Utrecht University, with research interests at the intersection of political theory and theories of human agency and autonomy.  He is particularly interested in the political issues raised by the limits to human rationality and the possibilities for compensating for these limits by employing various form of assistance or “scaffolding”.

Thomas Fossen (post-doc) is a political theorist whose work emphasizes the contested character of claims to legitimacy that are made within the political process.

Will Tiemeijer is a senior researcher at the Dutch Research Council for Government Policy (WRR), with extensive governmental and research experience in the areas of public opinion polling and the relationships between citizens and government policy.

Bert van den Brink is professor of political philosophy at Utrecht University and specializes in normative foundations of liberal politics, the nature of social relations, and the foundations of social criticism.